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Sequel to Julie Rayzor Zombie Novel: Rayzor-Wire

Okay guys - You got me to do it! I'm writing a sequel - It is tentatively called Rayzor-Wire. Here's a little excerpt that I wrote just tonight on my blog at RichardHowesBooks. If you like this you might like the first book "Julie Rayzor ~ Romance, Adventure, Zombies".

Need a Young Adult Zombie Thriller Novel starring a teenage girl with lots of Zombies Zombies Zombies?
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Excerpt from the sequel to the first zombie thriller - now in writing: Rayzor Wire

Okay guys - You got me to do it! I'm writing a sequel - It is tentatively called Rayzor-Wire. Here's a little excerpt that I wrote just tonight on my blog at RichardHowesBooks. If you like this you might like the first book "Julie Rayzor ~ Romance, Adventure, Zombies".
Lopez and I lay in the queen-size bedroom on the third floor. It was long past dark and the city was quiet. With the doors locked and windows covered, no flashlights in use, the house would appear as empty as the night before. We could sleep soundly with no chance of being discovered by Scabs, Leaders, or zombies.

Lopez put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. We were both fully dressed for the house was very cold and we didn’t dare build a fire in the small fireplace in the corner, even for the slightest bit of warmth. I wore gloves and had wrapped my scarf around my neck and shoulders. My winter camo jacket covering everything.

I listened to Lopez breathing. The sound was comforting, like puppies nestling together to keep warm. His breath landed on my cheek but instead of chilling me it made my blood warm.

Mutted conversation came from the next room, were Jim and Jill laid down together.
Faintly, coming through the walls, Jill’s voice said, “Not tonight.”
Jim replied in his heavier, throatier voice, “It will keep us warm.”

They fell silent and moments later the muffled sounds of movement came. Jill giggled and Jim laughed. The rhythmic squeak of bed-springs rose. It was slow and steadily speeding up, faster and louder. I turned my head to Lopez and blocked one ear by pressing it to his shoulder. My finger found my other ear to stop the noise. My face flushed with embarassment.

I recalled my one night with Jim so very long ago in the abandoned hospital bedroom. Our bed was of sheets and our light was from candles. That was my first time and it was wonderful. It was also my only time. Lopez and I had not 'done it' yet and I knew that he wanted to. He had mentioned it and I always put it off. I wanted it to be special and I waited for the right time and place.

Lopez... Gary, the name I didn’t prefer, kissed me on the top of my head. He turned slightly and I raised my head to look him in the eyes. Faint moonlight came through moth eaten holes in the drapes. He was a silhouette of shadow on darkness. There was not enough light for me to see his face and I wondered what his eyes would say if I could see them.

I knew without us having to speak. I nodded and pushed back the covers. He kissed my neck as he unzipped my coat. We struggled with our clothing and couldn’t help but giggle at our efforts. Eventually our clothes were cast to the corners of the room and we lay naked and cold under scant blankets and sheets with only each other’s body to keep us warm.

His lips found the nape of my neck and I kissed the top of his head. He slowly kissed along my jaw and turned his head to kiss me sideways. When our lips parted he hovered over me and I reached up to pecked him on the cheek, nose, and lips once more in an ecstasy of love. Our bodies warmed the air around us like an aura. He held my hands to his own chest and whispered, “I love you.”

I didn’t repeat the words for I wasn’t ready to hear or say that but I knew he felt love in his heart, and I loved him too, even as we had never fully said it or expressed it to each other. I somehow couldn’t do it. Beyond little actions and heartfelt gifts we often talked of big things, dreams, plans, the future and we just as often argued over little unimportant things.

This night was my gift to him and to myself. We did love each other and I pushed him away and sat up, rolling on top of him. He chuckled as I attempted to pin him to the bed. He let me hold him down and I kissed him on the lips, the moisture in the air from our breath mingling and becoming one in the moon beams, only to disappear into darkness.

I kissed down his chest and across his stomach, letting my hair drag across his skin. I felt his tight abdominal muscles quivering in anticipation. He was strong and brave. I loved this man more than I had ever realized. All our arguments and adventures together had brought us closer. When I had pushed him away in disgust or anger or frustration, instead of driving him away, it only made me want him more. When he sat outside my quarantine hospital bedroom for two weeks I despised each moment he was there and missed his company when he was gone.

I hated that Lopez had been Jill’s boyfriend at that time. I hated that Jim abandoned me, not for lack of love, but due to his own fears that I was infected with the zombie-flu and that he might become infected. Jim fled to Jill and she greeted him openly for Lopez had abandoned her as well - something that had been long in arriving.

Perhaps all along Lopez had known affection for me and that he hid it behind immaturity and vulgarities, but when I needed him, even when I didn’t know I needed him, he was there for me, to talk to me about nothing and annoy me in small and large ways. Even when I told him to leave me alone he would grow quiet and I wondered if he had actually left that hospital door. When I peeked out the little window he smiled cruelly at his joke. Maybe he knew that I cared for him and he had played with my feelings. Maybe he didn’t. It drove me to anger then. And those memories drove me mad with desire and I pressed him down and forced myself upon him like willing victim he was.
My hands on his chest and his hands on mine we rocked together as we moved in sync and the bed springs squealed as if in echo of the sounds from the next room over, but we didn’t care.
Both of us exhausted and sore from the long hike we had made that afternoon, and our more recent exertions, we lay together, protective arms holding each other. We were safe. We were warm in that cold third floor bedroom of the abandon house.

Johnson was surely sleeping - his turn on watch having ended. Wilcox and Escobar were probably in the living room telling bad jokes and drinking whatever liquor they might have found in some hidden cupboard.

We slept. For some short period we rested, cold air on our skin and warmth in our hearts.
The sound of gunfire echoed in my dreams and I awoke with a start. It was not a dream.
Leaping from the bed I grabbed my flashlight and dressed. Lopez awoke.

“Turn that light out,” he demanded.

“That was gunfire.”


Another burst of machine gun fire echoed through the house. Footsteps ran up the stairs. Yelling filled the air between Claymore mine explosions.

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