Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Step Aside Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie deserves the spotlight.

Dennis Ritchie helped the world of technology far more than Steve Jobs ever wanted to.


Eat Pray Love

Breaking this out into it's own post: I watched Eat, Pray, Love, the movie. Good movie. Probably a better novel. I'll admit I'm a little jaded. Hard to sympathize with someone who's only real problem they ever had in life was marrying the wrong person. Her husband loved her and she left him. The movie didn't tell you that in the real world the publisher got the writer a $100K advance on the novel so she could afford to travel the world for a year. Somewhat disappointing in that respect. It's not exactly the JK Rowling, "single unwed mother who wrote the novel in a coffee shop to save on the heating bill," kind of problem. I'm sure people with no needs or wants, and minor irritations for problems found inspiration in the idea of traveling for a year to "find yourself". Even more jaded: I feel bad for all those guys who truly love their spouse that might end up in divorce because the guy can't afford to send the wife on a year long soul searching journey. Sorry guys. Heart-felt books and movies about eating, (Julie and Julia), praying (religion), and love (romance novels), sell really well.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazon is scaring publishers and agents.

This is important enough to post on its own...
Amazon is scaring publishers & agents:

"Only necessary ppl in publishing are the writer & reader."

Water Stone Heart by Will North

Update: Finished this novel. Very good. Probably would be better if it didn't take me 8 months to read it! But somehow, there's something about it that I just didn't like. Maybe I'm becoming a better reader/writers and noticing things about stories... I can't nail down what it was about the story that was a little off for me. Maybe it was a nice romatic story and then the story needed to go someplace, so it changed gears and became a thriller? I'm not an expert, just a struggling writer myself.

I'm currently reading Water Stone Heart by Will North.

Very good book, even though I'm only a chapter and a half into it ( and it's taken me two or three months to get this far. ) I love the writing style of Will North. I read a spoiler on Amazon and now I'm even more intrigued as I loved Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

This story is in a collection of four short novels including one by Dick Francis. I'm disappointed with the Dick Francis story, but not too upset. I've read more than a dozen of Francis' other works and those are all great!

Anyway, that's my short book review... Back to work, writing and earning a living. The two not to be confused. (And yes... I found a real job!)