Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Killer's Co-op, now on Sony plus a new book coming out

Check this out! The Killer's Co-op - A Robert Schwimer Mystery, is now on Sony ebooks website. If you use a Sony Reader you can now download the book thanks to
Just click here.

In other related news...

I am entering my "editing mode" to finalize my new Julie Rayzor - Romance, Adventure, Zombies book. That's just the working title. Any suggestions?

also, the cover posted below is just a working version from before I changed her name from "Razor"to "Rayzor".

I'll have draft copies for family members very soon. I hope you all enjoy it. It will be around 200 to 220 pages, (55 to 65,000 words long).

I already have a cover done too, and decided last night that enough people like paperbacks, and not enough have ebook readers, that I'll run it through and Amazon again for those who want a printed copy.

I hope you enjoyed the Robert Schwimer Mystery and I hope you like this new book that will be out very soon!

The working cover... (Copyright 2011, Richard Howes)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can I post a picture?

Can I post a picture? Maybe... Let's see...

Yes. I guess I can! Found this on my drive from two or three years ago. Pictured: Author Richard Howes riding horses... Kinda goes along with the horse-riding detective in "The Killer's Co-op" mystery novel... eh?