Monday, July 23, 2012

More Julie Rayzor Zombie Video behind the scene photos

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Ain't Julie and Jill cute? The J&J Team!

Run, stop, shoot, run. Good. Let's do it again! Repeat.

Get ready to run! Watch out for the post man.

On the roof tops! There's zombies on the roofs.

Hold it like this and aim down the sights.

Charlie's Angels - this isn't! But they are cute and the shoot was fun in the 100 degree sun!

They're over THAT way!

I've just gotta adjust my fly a little, then off to kill zombies.

Crap! Zombies are coming!

What's your name again?

My girlfriend is right over there. This isn't too weird.

It's July and 100 degrees outside and they want us to wear this?

Just a couple gals hanging out and killing zombies!

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