Monday, July 9, 2012

Julie Rayzor Zombie Video Trailer

Hi Everyone,
I stayed up late last night and finished the video trailer for Julie Rayzor, Romance, Adventure, Zombies. It's on Youtube, so please take a look and like it, hate it, or comment on it! And if you like zombie books, please tell your friends to go take a look! It was a huge amount of fun making the video and even though the book takes place in September, we had all the actors in full gear and sweat shirts in 100 degree weather in July! They were all troopers!

Here's the link!

The following is the text from the video description.
Julie Rayzor ~ Romance, Adventure, Zombies ~ Thriller fiction novel available in paperback and eBooks in August 2012.

A heart-stopping new thriller novel by R.M. Howes introduces unwilling heroine Julie Rayzor. A rescue plan becomes a bid for survival as Julie struggles with her love for a missing soldier, concern for her California-Girl Best-Female-Friend and her commitment to her adopted family of soldiers.

A secret she keeps hidden deep in her heart threatens to tear her apart, destroy her friends, and bring the destruction of her Tulsa home, but she soon discovers that if she can keep her secret safe, and complete the most dangerous task of her life, then all of humanity might be saved from the zombies.

More information and excerpts at

Thank you to the cast and crew that helped make this video possible:
Cast: Savanah Frazier, Torey Byrne, Zachery Leeds, Andrew Micklas
Crew: Courtney Lowe, Autumn Willis, Kate Thomason, Sarah Smith, Lane-Ashton Medlen, Casey Medlen, and Kristie Howes.

Thank you to the City of Sapulpa, Oklahoma and the Sapulpa Police Department for assisting in the making of this video trailer.

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