Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Bang Theory = Nails on a Chalk Board

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"the big bang theory" = "nails on a chalk board"

First, last, and only time: Why the BBT is like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

1. I get the jokes on the Big Bang Theory. They are NOT funny. They are inane, stupid, setups with pauses after them telling you to "laugh now". At what? I don't know! They aren't funny. They aren't intelligent. They are not the type of 'situation comedy' that geniuses get involved in. They ARE the type of situations that producers think that low-intelligence TV watchers think are what geniuses do and will therefore find funny. Maybe that's true. Maybe really dumb people like to make fun of smart people. That's not very original, but that will never go away... just like nerds getting bullied in school by dumb jocks will also never go away. Just like pro football attracting criminals will never go away.

2A The first time I saw this show I thought, "A show about a couple gay guys." Ooops! It seems that maybe Jim Parsons is gay, and trying (but failing), to play a straight man. The other actor isn't gay, but it sure seems like he's trying to appear gay. I have nothing against gay people. I don't even mind gay actors. Rock Hudson was a strong hetrosexual leading man in movies and a great actor to be able to hide the fact he was gay. He acted straight. The BBT actor can't act straight - which means he basically can't act.

2B - Maybe the writers or the director thinks geniuses are gay, or that the show will be funnier if the characters act a little gay, or maybe that's what they believe that people who don't care about relationships act like.
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3. I'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard than listen to this show on tv. My children, who are teenage, and thus have maliable brains seem to think this show is funny. God help me. The older one doesn't believe that advertising on TV works. When I asked him, "Why do you think McDonalds spent $13Million dollars on the "I'm loving it" commercials if they don't work," he couldn't answer the question. That alone is proof that teenagers brains don't always function correctly. Maybe they will grow out of it. Maybe someday this show will go off the air forever, and maybe these actors can learn how to act. - like Uerkel. (BTW: Jaleel White who played Uerkel on Family Matters is a GREAT actor. I hated his character, but I watched him enough to realize he is an acting genius, unlike anyone on the BBT. Mr. White has pretty much been typecast and therefore his whole career is screwed - too bad he can't make the leap that Will Smith accomplished.)
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