Friday, December 30, 2011

New Book: Julie Rayzor - Romance, Adventure, Zombies

Julie Rayzor - Romance, Adventure, Zombies

I had a week vacation over the holidays so I finished Round 3 of editing my Zombie book. Yes. Another zombie book.

Update: I am on Round 5 of editing and very close to publication, but editing takes time with a full time job, so it might be released by June 2012.

This paranormal book is less about Zombies than it is about relationships between friends and lovers in a post apocalyptic world. Okay, if you want to be specific:

A rescue plan becomes a bid for survival as sixteen-year-old Julie Rayzor struggles with her love for a missing soldier, her concern for her California-girl BFF and her commitment to her adopted family of soldiers. A secret she keeps hidden deep in her heart threatens to tear her apart, destroy her friends and bring about destruction of her home, but she soon discovers that if she can keep her secret safe and complete the most dangerous task of her life all of humanity might be saved.

You will find the book in the Thriller category. It's not an overly gory horror story or a classic romance novel. It's not paranormal - well, on second thought it might be a little paranormal.

It will be available on createspace in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon soon. I hope you enjoy it and look for a Detective Bob Schwimer Mystery soon due to popular demand. Sully and Sullyland will have to wait!

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