Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Time to dust off the antiques and send them to a better home

Hi. This is for my friends and their friends that might be interested in some antique shooters, some new shooters, and some collectables... Make me an offer... I'll ship to your FFL or directly as federal and state laws apply...

1893 turkish conversion Mauser. Stamped with Turkish markings crescent moon and star and 1934. Nice gun. $325

 1911 Reblued before I got it. This is a colt hardford, stamped United States Property. I have a reproduction WW1-2 holster and an original canvas ammo pouch. Asking $1150 for everything. Can throw in a couple magazine too.

This is a 12 gauge side by side, cutdown 20 inch barrel, used it for Cowboy Action shooting and mounted shotgun shooting but mostly collects dust now. Will get more details tomorrow.

 Carcano, Italian Carbine, WW2 era. This is the model of gun that killed John F Kennedy. You could buy them for $20 in the 1950s. Never fired this one. Didn;t look for ammunition too hard.

1888 Mauser. nice antique but not shootable. I paid $100 for it plus shipping and would like to get that back out. Could be sold for parts for more than $100. Bolts alone are $65.

 Cutdown springfield 45-70 trapdoor carbine. I bought this cheap. The sights are not correct, this was a rifle that someone cut down to a carbine and added a saddle ring. Makes a good shooter and show piece. I've carried this in parades and fired blanks at reenactments.

 Two Revolving carbines. .45colt. One with modern sights and one with original fixed sights. I used these for old west reenacting once a year and mounted rifle. The modern front sight is missing off one but I can replace it. Make me an offer!

 1970s or 80s Remington Model 70, 30-06 caliber, original, not modified by the factory recall - something to do with having to turn the safety off to open the bolt while loaded - if you follow good safe gun handling rules then you will be okay or you can ship it in and Remington will convert it for free. Includes scope mounts. make me an offer.

 My M1 garand. Fun shooter. Got some spare clips for it. Details upon request. $1000 and comes with a clips.

 Winchester lever action carbine 1894 45 colt. Used this for cowboy action shooting a lot, before I moved into Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Fired some blanks through it for mounted rifle but mostly it collects dust now. Make me an offer.

Springfield 1903. Low Serial number. Mint condition because they were prone to poor metalurgy. Would make a great reenacting piece but frankly it's nearly mint so you might not want to beat it up in the field.

 Mid 1800s old west percussion shotgun. Damascus barrel with a small dent. makes a great conversation piece. Make me an offer.

 Krag Carbine. This is what Teddy Roosevelt used with the Rough Riders in the Spanish American War. I shot  this a long time ago and it's a fun gun. It has a horizontal magazine well that feeds the ammo under the breech, up the left side of the gun and into the chamber. Make me an offer.
 Krag Carbine with the bolt open and the magazine cover open.
 M1 Carbine. Rock Island Arsenal stock, Barrel marked Inland arms 9-43 3rd production run. My favorite shooter. Can plink all day long. I have 12+ magazines (20 rounds each).  I'm asking for $1000 for the M1 Carbine. The carbine comes with a lot of extra magazines 10-15qty - ten to 30 rounds capacity. I have to count them.

 Cimarron 1873 45 Colt. Asking $450 each. Serial numbers approx 30-40 digits apart.

 Cimarron Thunderers with birdshead grips. 45 Colt. Asking $450 each. Serial numbers approx 30-40 digits apart.

 Make me an offer on these Civil War reproduction revolvers, all are .44 caliber except for the black handled Remington with is .36 caliber. The 1911 is a Springfield Arms WW2 reproduction that I modified for firing Black Ammunition. I'll have to unmodify it in order to comply with federal law. I can also convert it back to firing live ammo with a new barrel and slide.

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