Thursday, October 31, 2013

Julie Rayzor Free through Halloween.

The first Zombie book in my series is Free Wednesday and Thursday for Halloween ( Free book: )
Jeff Dawson rated it 4 of 5 stars
The saga continues... This is the second in the Julie Rayzor series. This book picks right up where #1 finished. Julie is torn between staying in Tulsa, assisting her commander, Colonel Winters or calling it quits. Jill, Julie’s long time friend, has had enough. She wants to run off and hide where the Zomb won’t find her. Good luck there. Winters resolves the issue by sending Julie, Jill, Gary, Jim and two soldiers on a fact finding mission to Spiro. He believes there is a group there where Julie and Jill can feel safe and rebuild their shattered lives. He conceals his real reason for sending them on the mission.

What makes this a great book is the drama and storyline Richard creates. It isn’t all slash and gore. There is a bigger picture to the characters. They are well defined and easily connected with.
The caveat I enjoyed the most is how, despite this being a modern day end of the world work, it has a great flair of a Western Romance. It is very apparent the author is well versed and schooled in riding horses. With gasoline in short supply, equestrian travel is the primary mode of transportation.

The only slight I have, is the ending. Up to this point, the action is well described and exciting: the battle of Spiro, Julie’s perilous escape and the birthing of twins—not going into this, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. All three were well crafted scenes.

Overall, an entertaining read.

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