Monday, November 19, 2012

Do NOT use Discover Card

I haven't been posting in a while. I've been busy writing and working hard at my new software job, but I thought I would mention something that should of been obvious...

Do not use Discover Card.

A little background: I am slowly paying down a massive amount of debt from my first marriage. I've paid off over $20,000 in the last five years and I even transferred balances, borrow money from friends, and got a part-time job to pay down this debt. I'm one of those people who works hard and pays their own way.

Years ago I had six credit cards run up and I was paying everything I could towards paying them off. Being out of work last year put a nine month crimp in my payment plans - making only minimum payments until I found a job and getting ahead of the curve. I'm succeeding. My credit score is almost 800 and in three months I'll be debt free (just in time to replace my 15 year old truck and have that new payment and hopefully start saving for retirement.)

So last month, over three weeks ago I accidentally overpaid my Discover card by over a thousand dollars. The card balance was paid off but they have over a thousand dollars of my money that they absolutely refuse to give back to me.

They said they would send a check and that it takes 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, no check. I called them and they said they would send another check or send an electronic transfer of the funds. I gave them all the information to do the transfer and they said it would be there in three days. Three days later no funds. I call them again, they again lie to me and say, "In three days." Three more days later, still no check. I called the executive office today and their response was... wait for it... "three days." I tell them this is completely unacceptable. The woman promises to send me a check for $50. I don't want a check for $50. I want my thousand dollars. I call back to executive resolutions and they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor or the COO or the CEO. Of course they won't let me do that, they will get fired for what I would say to the CEO.

Yes, I made a mistake. I accidentally overpaid them but for them to keep the money is just plain evil. I firmly believe that they are intentionally refusing to give me my credit balance back because they want to keep the money.

Do NOT use Discover card.

Update: After a couple months I realized that they send me junk mail no less than once or twice a week. They refused to send me my money back. I had to fight and deal with their stress. They jerked me around for three weeks, but when it comes to worthless junk-mail they make sure it arrives like clockwork. Unbelievable.

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