Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Newest and Latest Book

Hi Reader and Writers!

I have finally decided to push my book out the door. It's a murder mystery called The Killer's Co-op based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and stars my main character Robert Schwimer, a Plymouth County BCI detective... so that means this book is, as you can guess, a police procedural.

Good news for me and you, if you like my writing, is I woke up from a dream about another of my characters, Sully, a private investigator, digging in search of a body in the Nevada desert... The rest of the story line came to me very quickly so you should see that book by the end of 2011 or early 2012.  This will be his second book that I've written, but probably published first. I've got some main character emotional hangups (Sully's hangups, not mine) in the first book (Sullyland), and I'm stuck on how to work it in and out, but when it's done, that one will blow your doors off!

In the meantime I am finishing my first novel that I started after college (and before JK wrote a book about a young wizard). It's basically done, sans a LOT of required editing... so that will be my next book out the door. Hope you like wizard fantasy also! Don't dispair. I'm flexible in my wiritng topics. Stay tuned. Hope to hear from you or see you on email list server.

Cheers! Great Reading! Best of everything to you!

Richard Howes

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