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The authors favorite negative review.

This is the author's favorite negative review filled with mistakes about the character ages, calling the author a dick based on his first name, and getting the ages of the characters so very wrong that he alludes to pedophilia. Maz Marik also writes zombie novels, and is not very good at it, as evidenced from his spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes in his review below:

RayzorWire: Julie Rayzor Zombie War Book Two

Terrible book coverRayzorWire: Julie Rayzor Zombie War Book Two
Author: Richard Howes
Publisher: LRCK Publishing
Year: 2013
> They say don’t judge a book by its cover.
> You really should with this one.
Julie Rayzor must choose between her commitment to the Army and helping her drug-addicted best friend. Lt. Col. Winters uses Julie’s loyalty to spy on the enemy. Captured in battle by Scabs and given to the Zomb to become their prized war-trophy, Julie discovers a new force of evil preparing to destroy all of human-kind. Can she escape to warn her friends?
If that synopsis doesn’t make sense then don’t worry, I am sure the writer did not have a specific focus for the story either. I picked this book up a year after release after the author unleashed a prolonged campaign of spamming on a zombie Fb group I frequent, he wore me down and I picked up this book.
Before we discuss the story I just have to say this book suffers from an awful, awful cover, perhaps one of the cheapest and worst I have ever seen and does not set a good tone.
First of all, if you haven’t read the first (I had not but the constant promotion of this specific book did not mention that it was not a direct continuation of the story, but rather a, and I quote “stand-alone sequel” although he now refutes that it is stand-alone so mislead me with this promotional claim) this is a continuation and so many things won’t make sense until you either keep reading or in some circumstances just ignore that specific element, and that is a shame as it doesn’t encourage new readers to pick up the story at this level, and is something that could have been easily avoided had the writer or publisher not promoted it as a stand-alone sequel.
Additionally the overly simplistic writing style does not encourage people to pick up and continue reading, or conversely the non-simplistic character introductions which don’t so much as provide an introduction rather just throws random character names at you from the off, with no discernible features to distinguish them from each other, so ultimately you fail to form any connection  and in a road-story such as this, without that bond there is nothing. Again had you read the first you may be familar with them so may not be an issue.
As previously commented the author, Richard Howes, seems to lack any real focus and this manifests itself in a scattered writing approach and these problems are further exemplified by the characters and writing contradicting each other, with lines such as ‘they would grab everything worthwhile  but it had little value” immediately followed by ‘finding everything Lieutenant-Colonel Winters wanted and more’  before going on to state ‘if it wasn’t what he needed he could find it himself’ so which is it and why bother writing it all. If it’s what he wants it has value and if you have grabbed what he asked for why is it possibly not what he asked for? Answers Richard please!
Not only this, I hope the author puts the money earned from sales towards a thesaurus as sentences like ‘zombies coming in all directions. Escobar fired his grenade in all directions’ and ‘My coat was left behind in the bedroom. Lopez, Jim and Jill also forgot their coats’ hardly fills a reader with confidence in the author and further proves that these books aren’t written for adults.
However, it is not all doom and gloom, due to the lack of descriptions the first few chapters do move at a decent pace and the actual story itself does hold some promise in particular the zombie leaders (living or dead I am unsure), who guide and direct the blind zombies  and this arc has potential but isn’t really explored. While this trait is also shared by our main character, Julie, but if you want to know more about this convenient perk you will have to read the first story as Richard Howes doesn’t want to bother with a catch up despite promoting this as a “stand-alone sequel to Julie Rayzor Zombie War Series” in his marketing.
The secondary plot meanwhile is that of romance, and is a bit confusing due to the reader having to work out the ages of all involved, their past relationship status, a lot of sharing seemed to be going on or potentially grooming as I am guessing the women are all 15-17 and the men perhaps 30+, and when combined with a frigid / near virgin story arc this is even stranger to pursue and I am not really sure who would “get” this story.
While lacking gore and full of cliché’s (and not the tongue in check, fun kind but the tired ones that need more around it to work) this is an introduction to zombies for pre-teens who don’t like zombies and probably won’t and has very little to offer readers of this blog.
On balance, the author doesn’t get it all wrong all the time, and when he does, perhaps serendipitously, build a tense engaging scene he then goes and ruins it with something a Sesame Street writer would pen, with lines like ‘I fired into the zombie mass. “One, two, three, four, five” I said as five zombies fell into the river.’ I can just imagine the Count and not Julie being the star of this story.
I am ashamed to say this is the only book I couldn’t bring myself to fully finish,  and the most praise I can give it is that I expected to hate it but I merely disliked it.
Edited to add: Perhaps I went a little overboard with my scathing approach and always interested in both sides of the story and after reading our review, the author had a response to counter our claims located in the comments, and I would advise you to read it as well to make up your own mind.

8 Responses to “RayzorWire: Julie Rayzor Zombie War Book Two”

  1. Dear Reviewer: yes. that is interesting… You didn’t read the first book and complain about “vague character descriptions”. Yes. JK Rowling needs to describe Harry Potter and all his friends at the beginning of each book. SMH!!! I sure don’t want my readers to have to “overthink.” Not in today’s world of instant gratification! LOL! Oh and comparing random statements chapters apart from each other… that overthinking must hurt. “further proves that these books aren’t written for adults or anyone with an IQ over 80.” I’m glad you read the book… Don’t overthink that one! Oh and calling the author an insult of his first name… Are you 10 or 12 years old? the secondary plot of the second book is not romance. I’d overthink that was obvious. If you read the first book you would know the protagonist is 17 and her boyfriend is 19. but I don’t expect a 12 year old to understand that. If you read the first book… which you didn’t, you would know that her father taught her to count her shots when shooting, so that you know how much ammo you have left… unlike your favorite movies where guns never run out of ammo. and finishing your review with an insult to my intelligence and my given name… Classy! Thanks for the laugh! did amazon give you your full refund after you “read and return” EVERYONE’s novels? Best Regards and good luck with your next “read and return” – Richard Howes
  2. And where are the author’s comments? Conveniently deleted?
    • Apologies for that an error occurred and the comment was temporarily hidden, not convenient however as I reference it at the end of the web page indicating that it should be there so in fact it was inconvenient. However, thank you for bringing it to my attention so I could look into and fix the issue.
      If you disagree with the review, please feel free to leave your comments regarding your thoughts of the book either in the comments (which I notice you elected not to do) or if you prefer I welcome an alternative opinion on the book, if you would like to submit your own review I would be happy to put that up as well, allowing people to read a differing view.
  3. Wow! I mean wow! You removed all the comments! So much for your desire to hear both sides!
  4. Hi Richard,
    I will be honest I am suprised to get another comment regarding this so many months on and as I said to Bob, I am more than happy to put up an alternative review of the book if one was submitted.
    I am genuinely happy to have a discussion about the book if that is what you want and I did say in the edit that I went overboard but I also wrote a review in line with the themes of the website (this website dealt mainly in trash and 80s style horror which your book does not fall into) and for the targeted audience, which I do not think are the audience you had in mind when you wrote the books.
  5. And where is my response from earlier today with your references to my name and being called a dick and a penis?
  6. I will admit that my attempt at humour backfired there and while I did not mean it personally I see that there was no other way to take it, which is why I removed it and apologise for the offence there.
    The reason I did not post your earlier comment is because at no point did I ever call you a paedophile or anything of that nature, the only comments I made were referring the characters in the story and the probability that this is aimed at the young adult audience, there was nothing regarding or implied about you in that matter.
    Further more the reason I blocked you on Fb was simply because after the initial posts aside from a few snappy and witty comments (zombie undead should never have been born… I agree having seen it, it is very dull) I am not Polish and so words like ‘Polak’ just indicated that the conversation was not going anywhere nor would it have been productive for either of us.
  7. Yes… Calling me a dick based on my first name and saying that my work is pandering to pedophilia is so very respectable, intelligent, and non-personal that I now understand that you meant to indicate everyone on the planet named Richard. Lol. As I said before in comments that you deleted, you claim to be an author, so lets see your work. I’ve been looking and so far you have nothing. I will also add that real authors help each other rather than rip each other to shreds in personal attacks. I’m on several Facebook pages where authors critique (not to be confused with criticize) other writers submissions so that we can all learn and become better writers. If, as you now claim, you didn’t mean to call me a dick and child molester, and actually wanted to help me, you have a damn strange funny way of going bout it. Good luck with trying to get any real help with your very much unfunny, vile attack.