Monday, October 17, 2011

Water Stone Heart by Will North

Update: Finished this novel. Very good. Probably would be better if it didn't take me 8 months to read it! But somehow, there's something about it that I just didn't like. Maybe I'm becoming a better reader/writers and noticing things about stories... I can't nail down what it was about the story that was a little off for me. Maybe it was a nice romatic story and then the story needed to go someplace, so it changed gears and became a thriller? I'm not an expert, just a struggling writer myself.

I'm currently reading Water Stone Heart by Will North.

Very good book, even though I'm only a chapter and a half into it ( and it's taken me two or three months to get this far. ) I love the writing style of Will North. I read a spoiler on Amazon and now I'm even more intrigued as I loved Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

This story is in a collection of four short novels including one by Dick Francis. I'm disappointed with the Dick Francis story, but not too upset. I've read more than a dozen of Francis' other works and those are all great!

Anyway, that's my short book review... Back to work, writing and earning a living. The two not to be confused. (And yes... I found a real job!)

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